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Events for September 2020

The list below shows the events happening in September. Click on the details link to view event details and access event entry list.

Mon   28th Sep  
Tue   29th Sep   9am-12pm   Holiday Programme   details
Tue   29th Sep   3:30pm-5pm   Juniors | Match Play | Session 1 (Junior/Intermediate)   details
Tue   29th Sep   5pm-6:30pm   Juniors | Match Play | Session 2 (Junior/Intermediate)   details
Tue   29th Sep   7pm-8:30pm   Tuesday Doubles League 3-2020   details
Wed   30th Sep   9am-12pm   Holiday Programme   details
Wed   30th Sep   3:30pm-4:30pm   Hot Shots Coaching | Red   details
Wed   30th Sep   3:30pm-4:30pm   Hot Shots Coaching | Orange   details
Wed   30th Sep   4:30pm-6:30pm   Wilson Tennis Academy   details
Wed   30th Sep   4:30pm-5:30pm   Hot Shots Coaching | Green   details
Wed   30th Sep   7pm-10pm   Senior Club Night   details

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