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Article dated: 7 December 2018   Audience: Public

Let Admin know if you DO NOT want to be on the singles grading list.
Also, if you are not listed let Admin know to add you.

Kevin Fu
Matt Shearer
Daniel Persson
Alex Mirkov
Nick Burnie
Leon Wilkinson
Adrian Rosioru
Courtney Huff (EMG)
Kaitlyn Wilkinson (EMG)
Jedric Garcia
Kendra Paea (EMG)
Ian Coldstream
Ethan Huff
Paul Shearer
Marcel Thorpe
Dean Lawrence
Roger Bodle
Phil Huff
Samantha Oliver (EMG)
Renee Oliver (EMG)
David Mok
Anthony Whiteman
Mitchell Hayes
Douglas Olvier
Nicholas Schiff
Caitlin Rarity (EMG)
Katie Oliver (EMG)
Luke Hegley
Zach Kouwenhoven
Ruju Rai(EMG)
Rachael Ouyang (EMG)
Henry Lynd
Chloe Dove (EMG)
Sara Moazzam (EMG)
Hajin Cho (EMG)
Jaimie Lee (EMG)

*EMG - Estimated Male Grading

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