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WHAT'S HAPPENING | 22 July 2020

Article dated: 22 July 2020   Audience: Public

22 July 2020


These competitions start this week.

Both our Tuesday & Thursday tournaments need one more player to make our draws even.
Anyone interested to be a permanent player or add your name to Reserve pool we can draw on?
Please email Admin to be included

Competitions commence 5 September 2020 and ends 17 April 2021

Final day to put your name down is Sunday, 2nd August 2020
-Singles Grade
-Super Tennis
-Presidents Grade
-Mixed-Four Presidents Grade
More information & entry links
Last day for promotion/relegation player transfers is 29 July 2020

10-11 October 2020
CBTC has joined hundreds of tennis clubs across New Zealand to promote tennis in the community

We need volunteers for this day please! Yes - I can help
This can be in the way of an hour welcoming & showing visitors around or dropping off a plate of eats.
We will get back to you closer to the time with more information.

A huge thanks to Andrew Flanagan who has fitted new foam rubber to our court roller.

Please ensure you DO NOT leave it resting on the foam when you have finished using it,
Drop the handle down to rest on the ground, thereby lifting the foam off the ground.
PS: the court roller helps soak up excess water off the courts

The weather is delaying us completing the grooming.
We must have dry courts for grooming to be successful.
Courts 3 & 4 have been done and the others will follow soon.


Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any queries regarding any of the above.
Deirdre Frankle - Club Administrator

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