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JUNIOR NEWS | 23 July 2020

Article dated: 23 July 2020   Audience: Public

23 July 2020

On Sunday we are running the Parent & Child Tournament followed by Junior Prizegiving

Sunday, 26 July 2020
Start time: 10am (this may change depending on numbers entered)

We have 3 different categories so every has an opportunity to compete:
both competent players | 1 competent + 1 beginner |2 beginners.
This is a fun tournament played in a friendly spirit.

The child must be a Junior/Intermediate club member (aged 15 years or younger).
*Either a parent or a grandparent may play with their child.
*The parent/grandparent does not have to be a member.
* Minimum player ability is you must be at a level where you can participate in a game of tennis (ie. serve and rally the ball).
More Info + Enter Here
Or email Admin to be included.

Sunday, 26 July 2020
Start time: 4pm
Everyone welcome to attend!

Awards are given out to Winner & Runner-Up of Club Champs main draw & consolation draws
plus teams that were division winners in Pre-Xmas & Post Xmas competitions.
Click here to view list of players

We have a Junior Committee consisting of parents � would you like to make a difference?
At this stage we have Marcel and 1 parent for the coming season.
Email Admin if you are interested in being a part of organising and arranging events for our junior members.


Do not hesitate to contact me in the Admin Office if you have a questions
Deirdre Frankle - Club Administrator

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