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Contact Admin Office if you would like to be included as a player or as a reserve

-Draws for each round will be placed on the club noticeboard located in upstairs Function Room.
-Each round consists of 2 matches. Matches are 45 minutes each.
-Play sudden death deuce.
-You will play with and against different players over the court of the competition.
-Every game in the 2 matches played earns a point for each game won at the end of each timed match.
-There will be no BUYS. If you cannot play on any given week it is up to players to organise a reserve.
-The box containing balls, score sheets and timer will be left out for you.
-Please return completed score sheet to box and leave upstairs.

-WhatsApp message group has been set up for players and reserves
-Draws will be posted weekly
-Cancellations notified on WhatsApp and on club website homepage


We are making a couple of changes since sending out the invite to participate in this terms tournaments.

Entry Fee
Reduced to $5 per tournament.
This is due to us using returned interclub balls and not new balls each round plus this is a short term and not as many rounds will be played.

To make it fair for all players we ask that the Reserves name be noted on the scoresheets in place of the regular player.
The overall winner each tournament will be presented with a prize at the end of the tournament.
Once a Reserve has played 2 matches, we would appreciate a donation of $5. You will then be added as a regular player but won�t be included in weekly draws unless you advise us otherwise.

Thank you to players who have already paid their entry fee/s. Your account will be in credit for future events.

Deirdre Frankle (email, phone 533 3343, mobile 021 328660)

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