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WINTER INTERCLUB | Draws & Information

Mixed Doubles - starts Sunday 28th June 2020

Team and Reserves


This winter interclub season will be different to previous years.
The guidelines for the competition may be revised and will be sent out again before the competition starts.

* 2 men and 2 women per team per contest
* A contest consists of 2 doubles and 2 mixed doubles matches
* Either doubles or mixed doubles can be played first
* 10am start- however if court availability is tight there may be some 1pm starts

Start time & Format
* Play starts at 10am, earlier if by mutual agreement
* Start times will be shown on the draw.
* Each match will be two Tie-break sets.
Tie-break to apply at six games all in either set.
Tie-break to be first to seven points with a two-point advantage.
If the score is one set all a Super Tie-break (first to 10 points with a two-point advantage) will be
played to decide the winner.

Playing Order
* Mixed Doubles - the highest-graded man must play in the no. 1 mixed doubles.
* Women can play in any order in the mixed doubles matches.
* Playing order will be determined by the grading list as at 15 June 2020.
This will be published on the Tennis Auckland website and sent to Interclub Controllers before the competition starts.

* A player not listed on a team list may reserve in a team as long as his/her grading band is not higher than the highest-graded man on the team list in the case of a man,
or the highest-graded woman on a team list in the case of a woman.

Inclement Weather
* Team Captains will be responsible for arranging alternative dates if play is not possible, or matches cannot be completed when rain stops play.
Tennis Auckland will not reschedule any contests.
* Teams will have up to (and including) Sunday 16 August to complete un-played or unfinished contests.

General Rules & Requirements
- All players must be financial members of the Club that they represent
- Each contest will be allocated two courts
- Teams need to provide two pairs of new balls per contest
- There are no age restrictions for doubles and mixed doubles grades
- All draws and results will be on Match Hub

Deirdre Frankle (email, phone 533 3343, mobile 021 328660)

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