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Entries are now open for Post Xmas Junior Interclub which is held during Term 1 2021.
Entries are open to members who are aged 18 years or younger as at 30 April 2021.

Saturday 13 February 2021 | Open Grades at 8.30am and Beginner Grades at 12.30pm
Sunday 14 February 2021 | Open and Beginner Grades at 9am + Junior Caro Bowl at 12.30pm or 2.30pm
Entries close: 6 December 2021
Competition runs through to April 2021

Enter below or by return email.

Saturday Open or Beginner Grade
Sunday Open or Beginner Grade
Junior Caro Bowl (Must be graded S7 and above)

Before you enter your name, please read the following important information:

SCHOOL TENNIS - If you are intending to play School Tennis in Term 1 2021, you will not be able to play Saturday Junior Interclub as they run at the same time. You are welcome to put your name down on the reserve list or opt to play Sunday Junior Interclub instead. If you try out for the School Tennis team and don't get in, then you will still be able to add your name to the club reserve list. We always need reserves.

Any player who puts their name down to play for the club will be put into a team. Therefore you are committed to play for the club and we will not accept any late withdrawals due to other hobbies/sports commitments.

OTHER HOBBIES/SPORTS - If you have other hobbies/sports that are going to clash with Junior Interclub in Term 1, then do not enter as a permanent team member. Put your name on the Reserve List. If you put your name down as a permanent team member, Junior Interclub will take first priority.

TRAVEL REQUIRED - Interclub is played weekly and will consist of home and away fixtures which are played at venues Auckland wide (excluding the North Shore). Parents will need to provide transport to get their child to the required venue. It is up to each team to arrange carpooling if required.

Any questions or queries regarding the above, please don't hesitate to email Deirdre (Club Administrator)

Marcel Thorpe (email, phone 021-0230-5676, mobile 021-0230-5676)

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